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Series of pictures side-by-side showing a person inspecting a home in Rochester
Pictures side-by-side showing a person inspecting a home in Rochester
Two pictures side-by-side showing a person inspecting a home in Rochester

Welcome to the premiere home inspection service in Rochester MN

The home inspection service offered by Duke-Allen Inspections, located in Rochester MN, is a professional, objective, visual examination of the condition of a property. Home inspections performed by our home inspectors are primarily one of education. Prospective buyers/sellers/investors should view home inspections as a way to help them to determine whether there are any major defects or system inadequacies in a property in order to make a well-informed decision. We keep it objective, and in perspective.

Duke-Allen Inspections operates on the principles of QIS in everything we do. QIS stands for "Quality, Integrity, and Service".

Quality - We offer attention to detail, consistency, and maintain focus. The only service we sell is the inspection; this is what separates us from other home inspection services.

Integrity - We do what we say we will do. We never promise anything we cannot deliver or stand behind. We demonstrate this through our Inspection Guarantee that is only offered by our company.

Service - Our motto is "Just Ask". From the beginning we ask our customers what they see as the purpose of the home inspection (many times inspectors are called in to address a specific question). What information do they need to make a sound decision. People have many different reasons for looking at a property, and we understand that; no two home inspections are alike...and they shouldn't be. We ask the questions that are important to you, and make sure they get answered. If something isn't right, we will do our best to make it so.

Our Inspection Guarantee* is quite simple. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the inspection within the first 30 minutes of the scheduled start time, let the home inspector know and we will end the inspection. No harm, no foul... NO CHARGE. We are confident you will find the service and quality surpasses your expectations right from the beginning. No one else offers this guarantee.

*Does not apply to single component inspections.

Duke-Allen Inspections provides home inspection, rental and investment property inspection services throughout Rochester and SE Minnesota.  Inspections provided may include:

· roof, vents, flashings and trim
· gutters and downspouts
· skylight, chimney and other roof penetrations
· decks, stoops, porches, walkways and railings
· eaves, soffit and fascia
· grading and drainage
· basement, foundation and crawlspace
· water penetration and foundation movement
· heating systems
· cooling systems
· main water shut-off valves

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